Collaboration plan between KMITL and Cal Poly Pomona, California

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Cal Poly Pomona, California เสนอโครงการความร่วมมือกับสถาบันทั้งการแลกเปลี่ยนนักศึกษาและบุคลากรในหลากหลายโครงการ ผู้สนใจสามารถเลือกโครงการที่เหมาะสมกับตนเองได้ รายละเอียด ดังนี้
Programs for University Students:
1. Student Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Program (SIELP) SIELP offers students a competitive edge in our global marketplace by developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills, communication strategies, and understanding of our interconnected world. Students gain insights and build friendships that will last a lifetime; testimonials of past students are at: For more information, please visit:
2. Customized Student Programs Customized programs are tailored to client’s specific programming and calendaring needs, offering flexible curricula and activities. GEI provides personalized services to ensure program participants have a meaningful and beneficial educational experience during their stay at CPP. For more details, please visit:
3. 3(4)+1+ Master’s Program Students who have completed three or four years of undergraduate studies can take courses at Cal Poly Pomona to complete their undergraduate degree while preparing for graduate studies (up to 9 units can be transferred to master’s programs). With satisfactory academic performance, students may be able to waive GRE/GMAT application requirements and finish their graduate program in as little as one year. For more information, please visit
4. American Semester Program (ASP) The ASP provides qualified international students with opportunities to enroll in credit-bearing classes for one or more semesters. Students can enroll in at least 12 units per term with the permission of course professors. ASP staff advises students on selecting and enrolling in courses. Credits earned appear on official academic transcripts and are transferable.
5. Intensive English Program (IEP) The IEP prepares students to study at a U.S. university, take the TOEFL/IELTS exams, or pursue admission at Cal Poly Pomona. It is also available for students who desire to study English while engaged in experiential learning activities and excursions in the United States.

Programs for Scholars and Professional:
1. University Faculty and Administrators Professional Development Program This program provides a customized curriculum for university administrators, faculty and staff to encourage academic and professional development as well as personal growth. Program participants can enhance their leadership skills, professional knowledge, and career opportunities within our global economy. For more information please visit:
2. Visiting Scholar Program Cal Poly Pomona is authorized by the Department of State to invite scholars and professors for collaborative research. The visiting scholar program provides opportunities for international scholars to observe, consult and participate in seminars, workshops, conferences, study tours, professional meeting, or similar types of educational and professional activities. The length of stay can be from 3 months to a year.