Mission & Structure


Office of International Affairs (OIA) has been officially established as one of administrative divisions in President Office of KMITL, since October 2008. The office is presently situated on the 8th floor, room 802. This division tries to support the students, faculty members, and staff under KMITL’s policy to move forward the academic and research collaboration with international institutions. The OIA team has strong intention to be internationalized, and provide service comparable to international standard.

International Cooperation90%
International Exchange Program80%
Liaison and Special Affairs70%

Administrative Structure of OIA

Mission of OIA


Roles and Responsibilities

Our roles and responsibilities can be divided into 3 main categories.

International Cooperation Service

Prepare documentation and arrange for cooperation agreements with partner institutions.
Promote and make progress under KMITL’s policies and the cooperation agreements to ensure a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with our partner institutions.
Arrange for training and working programs for international delegates, with support from the Commission of Higher Education (CHE), Ministry of Education.
Collect relevant information of KMITL’s activities regarding international academic programs. 
Maintain a database of cooperation agreements and activities undertaken.

International Exchange Program Service

Promote and coordinate for international exchange programs under agreements.
Process student applicants, provide assistance for their well-being, such as accommodations and visa applications, and provide relevant information.
Organize cultural and social activities for international students.
Serve as a coordinator for applications of KMITL students, selection, and preparations for studying abroad.

International Liaison and Special Affairs Service

Coordinate with other KMITL units and local organisations for visits of delegates to Thailand and KMITL.
Collect and disseminate KMITL’s information regarding activities and events.
Accommodate delegates from international institutions





Exchange Students