Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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Bachelor's degree



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       B.Eng. (Biomedical Engineering)  Curriculum (download)
       B.Eng. (Computer Innovation Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Chemical Engineering)  Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Civil Engineering)  Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Industrial and Digital Management Systems Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Robotics and AI Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Software Engineering)  Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Energy Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering) Curriculum (download)  
       B.Eng. (Financial Engineering)  Curriculum (download)    
       ** Supporting Documents for Engineering  (download)    

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        B.Sc. (Architectural Intelligence and Design Thinking- AI.DT)  Curriculum (download)    

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       B.B.A. (Business Administration) Curriculum (download)

       ** Supporting Documents for B.B.A. (download)


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      B.Sc. (Business Information Technology) Curriculum (download)

      ** Supporting Documents for Business Information Technology (download)


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       M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) Curriculum (download)    
       ** Supporting Documents for Doctor of Medicine (download)  

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      B.Eng. (Aeronautical Engineering and Commercial Pilot) Curriculum (download)  
      B.Sc. (Logistics Management)  Curriculum (download)  
      ** Supporting Documents for International Academy of Aviation Industry (download)  

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      B.Sc. (Culinary Science and Foodservice Management) Curriculum (download)  
      ** Supporting Documents for Culinary Science and Foodservice Management (download)  

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       Dual Degree - B.Eng. (Smart Material Technology and Robotics and AI) Curriculum (download)

       ** Supporting Documents for Smart Material Technology and Robotics and AI (download)